The Triumphant Church

Kenneth E. Hagin’s book, The Triumphant Church: Dominion Over All The Powers of Darkness, gives a comprehensive study on the subject of demonology. Though the book dates back to 1963; I decided to purchase it because I believed it contained a wealth of wisdom; and I was not disappointed. Of all the books I’ve preciously read on spiritual warfare, Hagin’s book surpasses them all.

The book contained 12 chapters and his writing style made the book easy to understand. He provides Scripture verses from the Bible, and testimony stories from his own life and that of others. This book stirred me up; and as each chapter ended: I couldn’t wait to start the next. I was being taught by a well-respected teacher of the Word, who was using his God-given gift to set people free from the bondage of Satan and his cohorts.

He begins the book with Origins: Satan and His Kingdom. In this chapter he provides a description of three types of churches: militant church, defeated church, and triumphant church. Obviously the triumphant church is the one believers need to be a part of. This book is devoted to teaching its readers how to exercise their God-given authority as believers in Jesus Christ.  Readers are reminded that Satan was dethroned by Jesus when He descended into hell and took back keys of the kingdom that where rightfully His. The point is driven that the only power Satan has is what people choose to give him.

He answers questions such as: Can a Christian have a demon? Is it scriptural to pull down strongholds? What is true biblical warfare? Spiritual warfare: are you wrestling or resting? I was amazed and astounded why the answers Hagin provided. I greatly appreciated Chapter 7 devoted to The Wisdom of God, which is what every believer needs to know and apply in their daily walk with the Lord.

The Triumphant Church: Dominion Over All The Powers of Darkness is a must read for Christians and non-Christians. I ended this book with more wisdom and knowledge than when I started; and I plan on reading it again. There’s a treasure trove of information within its page and I want to ensure I didn’t miss anything. Another great book to add to my ever-growing faith library.

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