God Will Perform Miracles In Afghanistan

My heart goes out to those waiting in desperation to get out of Afghanistan. Anyone who professes to be a Christians is in great danger, and realize what their fate will be if they don’t get out. Women and young girls know the horrors that await them should they remain. Time is running out for … Read more

The Lord Gives Wisdom

In Luke 11:49, Jesus called the written Word of God, “the wisdom of God”. Within the pages of our Bible is the wisdom of God. Why would we ever attempt anything on our own before seeking the wisdom of God first? Sometimes we’ve so convinced  we have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to get the … Read more

Every Word Of God Proves True!

Do you still have your first Bible? The first Bible I purchased was a New Century Version (NCV) and I loved it, because it was easy for me to understand. Eventually I had to replace it because the spine simply fell apart from so much use. I’ll never part with that Bible because it serves … Read more

The Significance Of Praying In Jesus’ Name

As a writer of words inspired by God; I need to keep myself immersed in the Word. Reading is one of my greatest passions so along with my Bible, I read Christian non-fiction books, Christian devotion books and magazines. There are preachers and evangelists that I enjoy watching and listening to on various programs. I’m … Read more