Did you know over 7000 promises are found in the Bible? God Said, “I WILL” features devotion topics relevant for today with scriptural promises found in God’s Word.

Feature topics include: Anxiety, Money, Children, Prayer, Faith, Salvation, Forgiveness, Worry, Healing and many more.

Devotions include a quote taken from all walks of life, scriptural promises chosen from a variety of Bible translations for ease of reading, and a prayer.

God Said, “I WILL” is a thought-provoking book, inspired by God, to give hope and encouragement.

If you wish to purchase books directly from the author, please leave Anne-Marie a message in Contact and she will gladly get back to you. She can also be reached by email at

Books are available at Lighthouse Bookstore in the Prayer and Promise section, 60 Bishop Drive, in Fredericton, NB. The phone number is 506-453-1010.

 Chapters/Indigo in the Regent Mall in Fredericton, NB, have the books in their Local Interest section. Their phone number is (506) 459-2616.

The books in these two stores are being sold on consignment, and not available for online purchases. 

Order the book directly from this page for $14.99 taxes included. Shipping is available for in Canada for a flat rate of $6.00, and in the United States for $8.00.

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