God Has A Miracle Just For You!

Countless miracle stories are told worldwide giving all praise, honor, and glory to God. A miracle is absolutely impossible without the supernatural working of God. It can’t be achievable by natural means. God distributes a variety of miracles, for nothing is impossible for Him. He gives creative miracles where limbs grow back on; a defective … Read more

Love, Bless, And Pray For Our Enemies

We would have rather someone be our friend than our enemy. Yet, many situations arise where we are in the midst of a battle not of our choosing: The workplace, in family relationships, the criminal justice system, or possibly in the church. Regardless of the situations we encounter, we’re encouraged not to take matters into … Read more

Give Thanks and Praise To The Lord

King David loved the Lord and he sang, played instruments, and danced before the Lord with total abandonment. He worshiped the Lord with no concern of what others thought of him. Because of his ability to praise the Lord despite his circumstances, King David was successful in defeating his enemies. Did he always feel like … Read more

The Greatest Book Ever Written

I’m an avid reader. In 2020, I read 21 faith-based books, written by Christian men and women who used their gift of writing and experiences to spread the good news of the gospel. I have a tendency to devour a book and often read it in haste, so engrossed in what the author had to say. It is not … Read more

Let’s Embrace 2021 With Gusto

Let’s embrace 2021 with gusto and not cling to whatever didn’t work out in 2020. The year 2020 is gone, never to return and many are saying hallelujah!  Today is the beginning of a brand new year, let’s look forward to it.  The Bible says that the Lord’s love never ends; His mercies are new every morning. What … Read more