Let Christ’s Peace Rule Our Hearts

My husband I arose early this morning and had our coffee in the living room with the fireplace on. Now that it’s Christmastime, we enjoy the festive look of the lighted garland on the fireplace mantle, and the brilliant white lights on the Christmas tree. Oh how we love our peaceful home, and are grateful … Read more

He Called Her By Name

Bill McLaughlin has a heart to help the homeless and the less fortunate in Fredericton and surrounding areas. He and his team have a street ministry called, Under the Tent. They are faithful to serve those who come to their tent ministry with love and compassion. Last week, Bill shared a post on Facebook that … Read more

Sweet Deliverance – No Longer Smoking!

My prayer list includes a number of people who are addicted to cigarettes. One in particular is battling cancer and taking treatments, another just has stints put into his heart, and the others have health issues of all kinds. Besides that, they endure the cost associated with smoking. Some even complain of not having enough … Read more

Give Thanks – Proclaim His Wondrous Works!

At our Sunday services the pastor’s wife asks if anyone has a testimony. The congregation waits, anticipating that someone will stand up and give a praise report on an answered prayer, or share what God has done, or is doing in their lives. Testimony stories whether shared in church or elsewhere, don’t have to be … Read more

God Is The Ultimate Matchmaker!

After my marriage ended in 2010, I had serious soul searching to do. Help came my way through a local church offering DivorceCare; a Christian-based program that ran for 13 weeks. A place where hope and encouragement was given to individuals struggling with the hurt and pain associated with a broken marriage and divorce. I … Read more

Family Pet Brought Back To Life!

I often tell people, “What concerns you, concerns God.” Some nod their head in agreement in understanding, while others simply shrug my words off. They don’t comprehend how much God loves them, and what He is willing to do for them. I want to share an amazing testimony story with you that prove my words … Read more

Amazing Healing Testimony

Victory will come when we speak God’s Word in faith over what we’re believing to come to pass in our lives. Speaking and declaring God’s Words out loud brings results. Romans 10:17 says, “So then, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” When we speak God’s promises out loud, we’re hearing … Read more