The Message Within The Lord’s Prayer

For many of us praying is as natural as breathing. For others, not so. When one man was asked if he prayed, he replied, “I don’t know how to pray.” He gave an honest answer. What he didn’t realize was, praying doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s simply having a conversation with God. Jesus disciples … Read more

God Will Perform Miracles In Afghanistan

My heart goes out to those waiting in desperation to get out of Afghanistan. Anyone who professes to be a Christians is in great danger, and realize what their fate will be if they don’t get out. Women and young girls know the horrors that await them should they remain. Time is running out for … Read more

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

The Lord loves Jerusalem, and the Jewish people are His chosen ones, He will do everything in His power to protect them and their homeland. Despite attempts throughout history to wipe the Jewish race completely out, the Lord always intervened on their behalf. And He will continue to do so until He returns, as prophesied … Read more

Pray For Our Leaders And Nation

We see and hear through media, world events setting the stage for Jesus’ return. Believers around the world must pray on behalf of their leaders and nation. Some may question what God is doing, don’t lose heart. Keep the faith, God is pouring out His Spirit in the land. He’s making His tremendous power available … Read more

Intercessory Prayer Is A Powerful Force

We must never underestimate the power in intercessory prayer. It will change circumstances and influence a change in people’s lives. It can change the hearts and minds of leaders, those who have authority over us in all levels of government. How amazing is that? The people we’re interceding for may not even know God. That … Read more

Don’t Assume – Say Something!

Have you ever needed help but didn’t ask? You assumed someone would come along to help. Did you ask God in prayer for help? You may not realize but He’s waiting to bless you with whatever you’re in need of. Speak up and tell Him, “Lord, I need your help today.” Don’t be shy, tell … Read more

Are You Seeking the Lord Today?

Do you ever question what God is doing or where He is when prayers appear to be unanswered? Have you ever asked Him, “God are You even listening?” We read in the Bible that God loves it when we seek Him in prayer; that He hears our request the first time it goes up. Don’t be discouraged if … Read more