Can God Count On You?

God is faithful and we give Him thanks and praise for always being there for us. We know He is dependable and loyal and we can expect great things when we call upon His name. We need to consider that God needs faithful and wise stewards to manage His kingdom here on the earth. There’s … Read more

Children Are A Gift From The Lord

Psalm 127:3 says, “children are a gift from the Lord.” I’m grateful and thankful for His gift of two lovely daughters, that I was the one He selected to be their mother. God looks down from heaven and chooses men and women to become parents. God even provides a Book filled with promises to teach … Read more

Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

The Lord loves Jerusalem, and the Jewish people are His chosen ones, He will do everything in His power to protect them and their homeland. Despite attempts throughout history to wipe the Jewish race completely out, the Lord always intervened on their behalf. And He will continue to do so until He returns, as prophesied … Read more

Filled With The Fruit Of The Spirit!

Matthew 7:16 says they will be known by their fruit. How are we to be known by our fruit? Galatians 5:22-23 provides the answer. The fruit of the Spirit are attributes of God’s divine nature. He possesses all those qualities. When we choose to invite Jesus into our hearts and receive the gift of salvation, … Read more