Faith Builders

Anne-Marie has Bibles of various translation, and loves to read books written by Christian men and women whom shared their knowledge, wisdom, and life experiences to give hope and encouragement to others. She calls these books, her faith builders. She believes they will do the same for you, and has selected titles for you to consider for yourself. The book titles and authors are listed by topic. Some books were written several years ago; yet the message is still applicable for today. Anne-Marie is an avid reader; more books will be added to her Faith Builders page. She is also listed as a Goodreads author. Click on the link: to find a review for many of the books listed below.

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She Found His Grace A True Story Of Hope, Love, And Forgiveness After Abortion – Serena Dyksen with Julie Klose

Comment: Great testimony. The Lord is opening doors for Serena Dyksen to share her story, pregnant mothers are given hope and babies are being saved.


God Covenant With YOU For Deliverance & FreedomCome Into Agreement With Him And Unlock His Power – John Eckhardt

Comment: A book that gives hope and encouragement for anyone battling addictions and life-controlling behaviors.

What Are The Odds? From Crack Addict To CEO – Mike Lindell

Comment: An amazing testimony of what can happen when one turns their life over to God and allow Him to transform it.


Fresh MANNA Daily Devotional Volume 1 – Gary V. Johnson

Comment: A 365-day devotional with a daily short inspirational message and prayer. The messages are short, and very insightful!

From Faith To Faith A Daily Guide To Victory – Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Comment: A 365-day devotional with timeless messages to build one’s faith.

Joy That Renews – A devotional from Psalms to refresh your life every day – Steve Akerson

Comment: A devotional that takes readers through the book of Psalms. Readers are given insights to the how the joy of the Lord is found, attained, and maintained. That joy can be renewed on a daily basis!


Comment: I’m purchased this book with the intent of giving it way. I put it on my bookshelf and sort of forgot about it. The Lord knows me well; it was me that needed to read it. I know God loves me, this book showed me how much. Connie Witter released this book in 2001 yet her messages are timeless. God’s love never changes and He is no respecter of persons. If you ever doubted God’s love, this book is for you!


Pursuit Of His PresenceDaily Devotions To Strengthen Your Walk With God – Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Comment: Devotions that cover a range of topics that Christians can apply to their daily lives.

The Dead-End Road Devotional – Fishing for Principles and Truths On Life’s Journey – Bill Fix

COMMENT: This book has 10 chapters and best to read one per week, to fully so absorb all the truths and principles shared by the author. Bill Fix is known as the People Pastor. He loves God, his family, and people. Lives will change lives for those willing to put into practice what Bill Fix learned from his dad. Godly wisdom is found throughout the whole devotional.

Do It Afraid – Embracing Courage In The Face Of Fear – Joyce Meyer

COMMENT: I’ve yet to read a book by Joyce Meyer and not finish it with greater knowledge than when I began. This book is filled with encouragement. The Bible says that with God, all things are truly possible. Yes; we can Do It Afraid as Joyce says in her book. Because God is with us, every step of the way.

LIVING FREE FROM COMPARISON AND THE NEED TO PLEASE authentically, uniquely you – Joyce Meyer

Comment: I’ve read several Joyce Meyer books and I loved them all, but I believe this one will be a favorite. Wisdom and encouragement from Joyce oozes out on every page. This book will enable men, women, and young people truly see how much God loves the authentic, unique person He created.

Never Give Up! – Joyce Meyer

Comment: This book gives hope and encouragement and confirms, through God all things are truly possible.

This Is My Story PRAISING My Savior – Annette Aubin with Anne-Marie Madore

Comment: A book filled with testimony stories showing what the Lord has done for and through Annette Aubin and her husband Ricky. I had the privilege of co-authoring this book, and I’m blessed when people share how they enjoyed reading this book.


In the Arms of Inup – The extraordinary story of a Guatemalan survivor and his quest for healing from trauma – Eve Mills Allen

Comment: This book tells the amazing story of Jeremias Tecu and he says, “Divine faith, God’s gift, God among us, regardless of what your beliefs are, spiritually speaking, you will never be alone. Always, when you look deeply for guidance, you will find a way.”

Put Your Words To Work – A 31-Day Faith Project – Gloria Copeland

Comment: A 31-Day Faith project that will build one’s faith. Great messages on the power of words, and an opportunity to answer thought-provoking questions.

THE MIRACLES – Understanding What Jesus Did – Gary Inrig

Comment: The author invites his readers to take a closer look at the 35 miracles of Jesus that reveal how they are central to believers understanding of who the God-man is. I agree, Jesus’ earthly ministry was, by its very nature, a miracle. Anyone in need of a miracle would benefit from reading this book. Our faith is elevated by reading how Jesus worked miracles in the lives of those He encountered on a daily basis. And He still grants miracles today!

The Stranger in the Lifeboat -Mitch Albom – a novel

Comment: I realize this book is a work of fiction but in it, the Lord is depicted as the stranger in the lifeboat. He tells the characters; “I will never leave leave you.” “Believe in Me and you will be saved.” These words are found in the Bible; which is not a book of fiction. What Jesus said is true. Mitch Albom is one of my favorite authors. The Stranger in the Lifeboat kept me engaged from start to finish. The story is pulled together through chapters titled Sea, Land, News. The characters were given the opportunity to believe the stranger in the boat or not. The book’s ending proves what faith will do when put into practice.


The Fasting Edge – Jentezen Franklin

Comment: This book broadens the readers knowledge on fasting and the benefits from practicing it.


Comment: This book was written in the 90’s, the message of the power of prayer and biblical fasting based on God’s Word never changes. I love to be encouraged, and books like this one bless me greatly, especially for times I’m embarking on a time of prayer and fasting myself.


Receive God’s Best Put an end to frustration and start seeing results in your finances – Jerry Savelle

Comment: A book that inspires its readers to trust the Lord with their finances and see amazing results.

Tithes & OfferingsChristian Stewardship in the Old & New Testaments – Kevin J. Conner

Comment: This book answers questions pertaining to tithing, and what the Bible and not man says about it.

What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Money – Gary V. Johnson

Comment: A great book on finances, demonstrating God’s ability to provide.


THE WAY OF LETTING GO – One Woman’s Walk toward Forgiveness – WILMA DERKSEN

Comment: This book is a must read for anyone having difficulty to forgive. Can you imagine forgiving the person who murdered your daughter? Wilma Derksen is living proof that forgiveness is possible. She’s a sought-after speaker on this topic; and has helped multitudes of people become set free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

YOU GOTTA GET UP – Grab Hold OF Your Life After Being Knocked Down, Held Back, And Left Out – Read Talk Kim

Comment: I chose to put this book under Forgiveness because it’s part of Pastor Kim Jones healing process. To be able to forgive herself along with others from the pains and hurts from her past so she could move forward to the great future God planned for her to have.

Fruit of the Spirit

Walking In The Fruit Of The Spirit Releasing The Nature And Power Of God In Your Life – Gloria Copeland

Comment: A great study on how to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, visible for others to see.

God’s Provision

I Have a Supply – Nancy Dufresne

COMMENT: A very good book, and one that I read quickly. It’s a book I will read and again. There’s so much wisdom and truth within the pages about God’s willingness to provide for His children in all areas of their lives.

365 Thank Yous – The Year A Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life – John Kralik

Comment: It’s amazing to see the transformation in the life of John Kralik as he began the journey of sending thank-you notes to show his appreciation to people of all walks of life. We do reap what we sow, and his story proves it! I sent him a thank-you note to let him know much I enjoyed the book. To my amazement, he mailed me one back!

GIVING IT ALL AWAY…AND GETTING IT ALL BACK AGAIN The Way Of Living Generously – David Green (Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby) and Bill High

Comment: Amazing story that small beginnings can lead to great success, when you put your trust in the Lord.



Comment: An amazing book on the power of words, and using healing scriptures as confessions.


Comment: Highly recommend this book, best one on healing that I’ve read. Great faith-building resource to have on hand.

Health and Wellness

Stories of DIVINE Healing – Supernatural Testimonies that IGNITE FAITH for Your Healing – Randy Clark featuring A Special Introduction by Bill Johnson

Comment: Testimony stories give evidence of God’s power to heal, in body, mind, and soul. This book of testimony stories prove that God is no respecter of persons. There’s power in prayer, and people from all walks of life are healed. Praise be to God!

Take The Day Off – Receiving God’s Gift Of Rest – Robert Morris

Comment: The benefits of self-care and the need to rest from our labors and enjoy the life God is giving us.

Holy Communion

Eat Your Way To Life And Health – Unlock The Power Of The Holy Spirit – Joseph Prince

Comment: Wonderful teaching on the healing benefits in Holy Communion.

Holy Spirit

Divine Encounter With The Holy Spirit – Guillermo Maldonado

The Glory Within The Interior Life and the Power of Speaking in Tongues – Corey Russell

The New You & The Holy Spirit – Andrew Wommack


HOPE IN 60 SECONDS – Encountering the GOD of the Impossible – Cristina Baker

Comment: Cristina Baker’s book is filled with hope. Her story reveals the love that God has for His children. Her story reveals what can happen when a person decides to surrender all to God; and allow Him to do the impossible. Her story is amazing and I want to read this book again.


Praying The Scriptures For Your ChildrenDiscover How To Pray God’s Will For Their Lives – Jodie Berndt

Releasing The Ability Of God Through Prayer – Charles Capps

The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, The Power of a Praying Wife – Stormie Omartian

Comment: Highly recommend both books, great resourced to have on hand at all times when wanting specific prayers for your husband and children.

BEYOND JABEZ – Expanding Your Borders – Bruce Wilkinson with Brian Smith

Comment: I loved The Prayer of Jabez, so imagine my delight in coming across Beyond Jabez by the same author. I read it through twice, and may read it again. This book serves as a reminder, God is no respecter of persons. The stories shared in this book is living proof; He grants the prayer of Jabez to those whom ask and believe. I expect I’ll have a story of my own to share one day!

The Prayer of Jabez – Breaking Through to the Blessed Life – Btuce Wilkinson

Comment: Great teaching on I Chronicles 4:10 – The author gives insight on this verse that has the potential to change the life of the one desiring more of God, and the abundance of goodness He desires to give to His children.

Jesus Teaches On PrayerTalking With My Father – Ray C. Stedman

The Tongue – A Creative Force – Charles Capps

Comment: What an amazing book. Our words truly matter, and often our words are the cause for our not having success in our lives.


THE PRIVILEGE OF PERSECUTION – And Other Things The Global Church Knows That We Don’t – Dr. Carl A. Moeller & David W. Hegg with Craig Hodgkins

Comment: I realized how much we take our freedom for granted here in North America. Our brothers and sisters in Christ who are taking a stand for their faith, know what it is like to count the cost for serving Christ, some are giving up everything, even their lives! We can learn a lot from them. I encourage you to read this book for yourself.



Comment: I love it when God puts a book in my path to enrich my knowledge, and what a blessing it has been to read through what Annette Capps and her father, Charles, share on the spirit of prophecy. I am greatly encouraged, prophecy is not time sensitive. That’s wonderful news, God Word spoken can and will come to pass in His time and way. Hallelujah!

You May ALL Prophesy – Steve Thompson

Comment: A book that helps readers understand the gift of prophesy and how to apply it in their lives.

Revelation – End Times

MIDEAST BEAST -The Scriptural Case For an Islamic Anti-Christ – Joel Richardson

Comment: This book is an eye opener regarding Islam and its origins. Joel Richardson is a phenomenal teacher on end-time events. I understand more fully why he emphasizes that Islam is the great challenge the church will face before the return of Jesus. The book encourages reader to be mindful that Muslims are not to be feared or hated. God loves them too, and desires they receive salvation.

What Left Behind Left Out – The Truth – Jeff Canfield & Dan Dyer

Comment: Yes, this book does separate fact from fiction. This book’s focus is on Post-Tribulation viewpoint. The authors admit they do not have all the answers, but do their best to share what they believe to be true based on Scripture. We know it’s a fact that the the Lord is coming back. We must be prepared since we don’t know the day or the hour!


A Biblical Point Of View On Homosexuality – Kerby Anderson

Comment: The Bible provides scripture verses regarding all sexual sins, including homosexuality. Kerby Anderson’s books was written by utilizing a sensitive and factual approach to a difficult topic. A extensive Bibliography, and Notes on each chapter enable the reader to research for themselves should they wish to do so.


Comment – There are same-sex attracted individuals all around us, some in our own families. I purchased this book to have a greater understanding of the challenges they face, especially those who make the choice to become Christian. The author is open and honest about her same-sex attraction. She openly shares her love for Jesus Christ and how His love changed and led her to where she is today. I read this book with an open mind and heart and I’m glad that I did. Love never fails. God’s Word says so. Amen

Intimate Issues 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex – Conversations Woman-to-Woman – Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

Comment: What an amazing book for married woman for all ages. The book is tastefully done, and women will end the book knowing fully why God gave the gift of sex for married couples. They will discover how to become a godly and sensuous woman, and find sexual fulfillment in their marriage like never before.


Comment: An amazing read. The author openly shares her testimony of sexual sins that she struggled with. The book gives hope, no sexual sin is beyond God’s willingness to forgive. Women who read this book will see themselves in a whole new light. What is means to be a daughter of the King, and how He values them.

Sing Over Me – An Autobiography – Dennis Jernigan

Comment: A powerful testimony of a man delivered from a homosexual lifestyle, and how God truly blessed his life.

Spiritual Growth

Discerning The Voice Of GodHow To Recognize When God Is Speaking – Priscilla Shirer

Comment: I greatly enjoyed read this book, and will read it again. God does speak, and I want to fully grasp what He is saying to me. I don’t want to miss out on a single thing He has planned for my life.

GRACE vs JUDGMENT – Which One Is It? – Keith A Butler

Comment: I learned a great deal about grace verses judgement from reading Keith Butler’s book. The Lord has given Keith Butler a great deal of wealth and knowledge which comes through in the pages of his book. Great book, one that will need to read again so I fully absorb what is being taught on grace and judgment, and what they both mean.

Hidden Treasures – abundant living in the riches of Proverbs – Gloria Copeland

Comment: I’ve read this book on numerous occasions. Each time I gain more insight into the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom available through the book of Proverbs.

PentecostThis Is Our Story – Robert P. Menzies

Comment: A great book that lays out the truths concerning the Pentecostal experience and what is means to be Pentecostal, based on the book of Acts in the Bible.

SEVEN WORDS You NEVER WANT TO HEAR – How to Be Sure You Won’t – Denise Wilson

Comment: This book needs to be read by Christians and Non-Christians alike. Denise Wilson has a passion for leading others to Christ. Her book was written to help readers understand what they must do, to avoid hearing the Lord say at the end of their life, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”

STRONG in battle – Why The Humble Will Prevail – Susie Larson

Comment: What an amazing book! The author has battled Lyme disease for over thirty years and openly shares her weaknesses and how she stayed strong throughout her life. Her book enables readers to draw closer to God; and the thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter will help them do so. Books such as this, reveal how God works in the lives of others, and He is no respecter of persons.

The Blood And The Glory– Billye Brim

Comment: Billy’s Brim’s book reveals how the power of the Blood of Jesus and the glory of God fit together. This book was released in 1995; yet it’s message is as relevant for today as it was then. There’s an old familiar hymn, “There’s Power In the Blood”, this book explains why that is so.

The Gift Of Repentance – Gary V. Johnson

Comment: Another book written years ago, with a message that is timeless. Gary Johnson covers what is mean to be “holy” as God is holy. He defines sin and the consequences of indulging in it; and he ends the book with a chapter on the gift of repentance. Repentance and salvation go hand in hand. A book that benefits saints and sinners alike. Hallelujah!

The Life God Blesses – The Secret Of Enjoying God’s Favor – Jim Cymbala

Comment: Amazing book that speaks on God’s blessings and how to receive them in one’s life.

Unshakeable TRUST – Joyce Meyer

The Spiritual Gifts Handbook – Using Your Gifts to Build the Kingdom – Randy Clark & Mary Healy

Comment: A book co-written by a Protestant and Roman Catholic, sharing wonderful testimonies of the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

What’s the Big Deal About Other Religions – Answers The Questions About Their Beliefs And Practices – John Ankerberg & Dillon Burroughs

Comment: The book devotes a chapter to the 16+ world religions, beginning with Christianity. The book was very informative and clearly showed why Christianity differs from other religions.

Spiritual Warfare

Christians & Demons – Armed & Anchored For Spiritual Warfare – Dr. Jerry Johnston

Comment: I purchased two copies of this book so my husband and I could read and study it together. We really enjoyed it, and got much how of it. We decided to read it through for a second time in case we missed something the first time around.

Landmines In The Path Of The Believer – Avoiding Hidden Dangers – Charles Stanley

Comments: The reader is shown nine areas depicted as landmines: Pride, Jealousy and Envy, Insecurity, Compromise, Unforgiveness, Disappointment, Fear, Slothfulness, that satan uses to lure believers away from God. An amazing book, one I’ll return to again and again.

SATAN, You CAN’T HAVE MY CHILDREN – The Spiritual Warfare Guide for Every Parent – Iris Delgago – Forward by Joni Lamb

Comment: Satan it out to destroy families and he’s out to get the children. This book will enable parents and grandparents to win the war against satan, by using the Word of God and all the weapons of warfare at our disposal, all found in the Bible.

The Triumphant Church – Dominion Over All The Powers of Darkness – Kenneth E. Hagin

Comments: Kenneth Hagin’s book was released in 1993.The Bible says that satan has no power over us; I’m grateful for the anointing God gave to Kenneth Hagin. His book gives a comprehensive biblical study on the subject of demonology. A timeless topic, do you agree with me?


Ancient Secrets Of Success – Evangeline Inman

Comment: The book is based on Joshua 1:8 where God gives Joshua the secrets to have success in every area of his life. The secrets given thousands of years ago to Joshua are as powerful today for the one who applies them.

Battlefield Of The Mind – Winning The Battle In Your Mind – Joyce Meyer

Comment: I wish I had read this book years ago. Joyce Meyer opened my eyes to see the importance of recognizing how battles begin in our minds, and more importantly how to be victorious in winning those battles.

Don’t Limit God – Imagine Yourself Successful – Andrew Wommack

Comment: Great book that emphasizes God’s greatness and what He will do for believers, when they take the limits off of God.

If You Want To Walk On The Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of the Boat – John Ortberg

Comment: If you need motivation to pursue your dreams – read this book.

It’s Never Too Late – Kathie Lee Gifford

Comment: A book filled with encouragement, that with God, all things are possible. Never give up on your dreams regardless of age, it’s never too late!

Success Motivation, Spiritual Solutions For Being Successful In Life – Charles Capps


God’s Trophy Woman – You Are Blessed and Highly Favored – Jacqueline Jakes

Comment: Women need to read this book, it will affirm that women are valuable in God’s eyes and He truly wants to bless them.

Proverbs for a Woman’s Day – Choosing a Life of Excellent – Elizabeth George

Comment: I’m a busy woman and I need all the wisdom I can get. So grateful that this book along with the Bible enables me to attain it. Women of all ages will benefit from reading this book.

The Heat Is On – Health, Humor & Hope For Women Facing Menopause – Danna Demetre

Comment: I bought this book for $2, in a bargain box at the Lighthouse Christian bookstore. I just started this book but I know it’s going to be a keeper. Knowing the author is a Christian is an added bonus in my opinion.

The Power of the Praying Woman – Stormie Omartian

Comment: Women need to read this book. I chose to read it over a one-month period as there are 30 topics, so one per day allows time to absorb what is being shared. I will read this book again, as I want to possess the power that belongs to a praying woman.

Woman to Woman – Candid Conversations from Me to You – Joyce Meyer

Comment; Joyce Meyer shares from her heart words of wisdom that will give hope and encouragement to women of all ages.