Familiar Phrases Taken From The Bible

Some time ago I purchased a little book titled, Bible Basics For Everyone written by Terry Glaspey. Great book to help people navigate through the Bible. This book also includes: Fifteen Famous Painters Who Created Art Based On The Bible; Ten Great Pieces Of Classical Music Based On Biblical Texts; The Old Testament According To … Read more

Why I Believe In A Post-Tribulation Rapture

I’ve heard preachers John Hagee, Jimmy Evans and others teach about a pre-tribulation rapture. So for many years I assumed this was how it could be when Jesus comes back to earth. That the church would be caught up first, and not have to face the terrible tribulation spoken of in the Bible.     This … Read more

Psalm 23 – All We Need In 2023

Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”  I’m very blessed to have a study Bible. It’s filled with amazing teachings on the Word of God. As I read the scriptures out loud along with the teachings provided, my faith is taken to a whole new level. … Read more

Let Christ’s Peace Rule Our Hearts

My husband I arose early this morning and had our coffee in the living room with the fireplace on. Now that it’s Christmastime, we enjoy the festive look of the lighted garland on the fireplace mantle, and the brilliant white lights on the Christmas tree. Oh how we love our peaceful home, and are grateful … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Sleep?

Genesis 2:2 says, “On the seventh day He completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.”  It doesn’t say God slept, that He rested when His work was done. I love what is written in Psalm 121:4 “He who guards Israel … Read more

God Looks At The Heart

God speaks to us through His Word. He spoke softly into my heart one morning when I came across I Samuel 16:7. That was a long time ago, and I’ve never forgotten how reading His words impacted my life. We read in I Samuel 16 that Samuel was commissioned by God to visit Jesse and … Read more

God’s Promises Regarding Our Children

The Bible is filled with God’s promises, and when we come to believe in these promises, and apply them in our lives, we will live a blessed life. Will we be problem free? No, but we have God’s Word that He will help us in our times of need, regardless of what that need may … Read more

Celebrating Halloween – Is It Biblical?

I’ve been a Christian for many years, and Halloween was a celebration that I took part in. I never really gave it a whole of thought. Most years, I begrudgingly bought treats that were getting more expensive and smaller each year. To be truthful, I wanted to be done with Halloween, but for not for … Read more

God Will Protect And Rescue His Children

The Bible says we will hear rumors of war.  Rumors of a possible nuclear war has been spreading for months now. Today; there’s an actual war going on between Russia and Ukraine. Many are praying and hoping that peace talks will occur and end this war.  There’s conflict happening in Haiti, Ethiopia and elsewhere around … Read more