God Speaks Through His Word

The Bible says we reap what we sow. This also applies to God’s Word. How we hear God’s Word and act on it will determine the level of our harvest. Our results will be measured by the attention we give to what we hear God is saying to us. It’s not the amount of God’s Word that determines our … Read more

God Will Give You Wisdom

Wisdom is readily available to anyone in need of it. The Bible is filled with God’s wisdom. His Word is true and everything He does is right. When we obey and do what God says, it’s like He’s giving us a key that will open doors to prosperity and success, good health and longevity, peace and protection, even … Read more

What Can I Give To The Lord?

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving, giving thanks to the Lord for all the blessings He bestows on us daily. One morning while reading the New Century Version of the Bible; I came across Psalm 116:12, where the questions was asked. What can I give to the Lord for all the good things he has given me? … Read more

Stand On The Promises Found In Psalm 91

Much gloom and doom is broadcasted on the daily news, and many people believe we are witnessing what was prophesized in the Bible before Jesus returns to earth. Is there any need to fear? No, but we need to be prepared for what’s coming our way. Satan makes it easy for us to be afraid. … Read more