Meekness Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Meekness is a word not commonly used today, so I searched its meaning: Gentle towards others, willingly submission and obedient to the Lord. Not selfish, arrogant, loud or obnoxious. Meekness is not a sign of weakness either. It’s being able to totally rely on the Lord for whatever is needed. Numbers 12:3 says Moses are … Read more

Speak The Truth In Love

Ephesians 4:15 says to speak the truth in love. What exactly does that mean?  When I read this verse; I’m reminded that words are powerful, they carry weight and have the potential to do good or harm to those hearing them. Speaking the truth in love implies we’re to be selective in what we say … Read more

Fear Not! – 365 Times – In Bible

Did you know that “Fear Not!” is recorded 365 times in the Bible? I’ve read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, yet was not aware of this fact. It came to my attention while reading an article written by a Bible scholar. Now I’m sharing it with you. God clearly does not want His children … Read more