God Did Not Create Hell For Mankind

A friend and I were discussing church one day. As we talked, she remarked, “You know, I haven’t heard a message on sin or hell in a long time.”  I’m not totally surprised. Many churches today stay clear of those two topics. Many prefer to stick to the messages of grace, with a focus on … Read more

God Will Soften Stony Hearts

In Ezekiel 36:26-27, the Lord is speaking to the nation of Israel whose heart had grown cold toward Him and what He represents.  As I read His Words; I feel the Lord’s love and compassion for His people. It’s like He’s telling them, “You don’t have to stay hard-hearted towards Me. I will cleanse you … Read more

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

It’s important to have our affairs in order for when we die. Matters to consider are: Is there a Will advising family members of our wishes, especially if we were to die suddenly? Has the funeral been prearranged and possibly paid for? Important as these matters are, nothing compares to knowing where we’ll spend eternity … Read more

God Blesses The Righteous With Favor

Many people use the word grace without knowing what it fully means. Grace is unconditional favor. Born again believers are saved by grace through faith, and will enter heaven upon death. But there’s more. Saved means “to be delivered, protected, healed, and made sound and whole.” No matter what kind of trials or troubles we … Read more

Forgiveness Will Set Us Free

Forgiveness will set us free from the pain and hurts caused by others. Sadly, many choose not to forgive, believing it’s not possible. When tormenting memories surface of what was said or done, fuel is added to the fire of anger and resentment towards those whom wronged them. Eventually their own health deteriorates from not being … Read more