The POWER Of PRAYER And FASTING – 10 Secrets of Spiritual Strength

I believe in the power of prayer and fasting. This book is one of three that I have in my Faith Library on the topic. Ronnie W. Floyd’s book came out in 1997, but again it’s Bible-based so it’s timeless.

What insights I’ve gained in reading this book. God is showing me what He will do in my life, when I humble myself and come before Him through prayer and fasting. Hallelujah!”

I chose to read this book again as I wanted a greater understanding of the biblical truths regarding the power of praying and fasting, plus I wanted to know the 10 Secrets of Spiritual Strengths shared by Ronnie Floyd. He’s fasted many times and shares his experiences and that of others.

The chapter, Experiencing the Healing of God, reveals how drawing closer to God through prayer and fasting brings peace and healing into the lives of those who are in desperate need for God to intervene in their lives.

I desire to serve the Lord to the best of my ability. I discovered from reading, Living in Obedience to God, that there are areas in my life where I can do better.

Surrendering Fully to God was a thought-provoking chapter. I stirred me to ask myself, Am I fully surrendered to God? This book benefits me in ways I could never have conceived possible.

Another great chapter is, Keeping Our Promises to God. Not only am I encouraged to keep my promises I make to God, family and others in my life, I encouraged to pass the baton of what I learned through prayer and fasting onto others. So much food for thought. So glad I decided to take notes while reading this book.

Practicing the Disciplines of God opened by eyes ever greater to the benefits of fasting. We can choose to fast from anger, gossip, being judgmental, fear, among others and instead chose to feast on God’s Word which enables us to make changes in our lives. Fasting and prayer is truly the gateway to God’s supernatural power.”

 When I read through, Facing the Future Boldly with God, I realized more needs to be done to reach the lost in the world, that includes the areas where we live. Are we willing to pay the price? Fasting and prayer allows us to come humbly before the Lord; we can ask Him to help us be bold; to accomplish what He desires, When we ask God for something big; we must be prepared to receive it!”

The last section in the book, A Practical Guide – Fasting and Prayer as Your Spiritual Worship includes Improper Reasons/Motives for prayer and fasting. Several spiritual and physical suggestions are given for added assistance. I appreciated that answers were given to some of the most commonly asked questions. I’ve read Isaiah 58:1-14 several times; I didn’t realize these verses contain twenty-two promises from God to those who fast and pray.  

Another great book – I highly recommend it!

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