Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

The Lord loves Jerusalem, and the Jewish people are His chosen ones, He will do everything in His power to protect them and their homeland. Despite attempts throughout history to wipe the Jewish race completely out, the Lord always intervened on their behalf. And He will continue to do so until He returns, as prophesied through the Bible.

Jesus was a Jew. He was born in Bethlehem and died in Jerusalem. Friends who visited the Holy Land say it’s an experience like no other. The Bible comes alive for them as they revisit the places where Jesus taught His disciples, healed the sick, and performed miracles. They walked the road He took to His crucifixion, and saw the tomb where He was buried, and arose to live forevermore plus much more.

Many of us will not get an opportunity to visit the Holy Land, but we can imagine ourselves being an eye witness to what’s being shared, whether it’s in Jerusalem or elsewhere in the Bible. Allow God to reveal the love He has for His chosen people, and the importance of praying for them to have peace.

The Jews are God’s chosen people. This does not mean He loves the Christians any less. The Bible says He loves His children all the same, He is no respecter of persons.

Thank You Father for our Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ. I know You love them as You do me, and in Your eyes we’re all special.

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