Give Thanks – Proclaim His Wondrous Works!

At our Sunday services the pastor’s wife asks if anyone has a testimony. The congregation waits, anticipating that someone will stand up and give a praise report on an answered prayer, or share what God has done, or is doing in their lives.

Testimony stories whether shared in church or elsewhere, don’t have to be long or elaborate to give hope and encouragement. There are several I could share with you, but for today, I chose three.

Charlotte loves to attend church and be among her church family. She is quick to give thanks and praise to God for all He’s done in her life. She recently spoke about the time she had her hand operated on. While monitoring her vitals, it was pointed out to the doctor that her blood pressure was rising. The surgeon smiled and said, “I know Charlotte, just put some gospel music on, it will come back down.” Charlotte grinned, “And it did. I thank the Lord for taking such good care of me. I can’t wait to see Him someday.”

Kathy called me, very distraught over what had happened to her. Around 4:00 pm, she decided to take Benji, for a walk. They stopped at the mailbox close to her home. She bent over to attend to Benji and ended up rolling on the ground, not sure what caused the fall. Kathy tried to get up on her own but couldn’t. She yelled for help hoping someone would hear her.  Benji stayed with her for a while, then took off towards home. After about 20 minutes she heard neighbors talking. She yelled louder and waived her hand, and was greatly relieved when two ladies came to her aid. “We thought it strange that Benji was walking alone with the his leash dragging behind him. We checked your house but no one was there. We heard someone yelling, then saw you waving your hand.” 

Kathy was so grateful that the ladies helped her up and drove her home. Thank God, no bones were broken. She was badly bruised, and extremely sore for over a week. She couldn’t see God, but He was there with her as she waited for the help He provided to come along.

Recently, while sorting through my books, I came across Prepare to Prosper – Moving From The Land of Lack To The Land Of Plenty, a mini-book by Joyce Meyer. I love books that teach on giving and prosperity, the reason this book was kept in my Faith Library. I plunked myself in my rocking chair and began to read it again. Joyce reveals important basic principles and shows how to experience God’s power in your life.  

I absorbed in my heart and mind what Joyce was teaching on prosperity. The last chapter is titled, Scriptures That Will Water Your Seed. Joyce believes confessing these scriptures aloud, mixed with faith, will increase your harvest. I’m a believer in the power of words, so I read all the scripture verses out loud. I finished the book full of encouragement that God was going to bless the seeds I’ve sown. Just not sure when or how!

The book was placed back in my Faith Library. I logged onto my computer to check my emails. To my surprise and astonishment was an e-transfer for $100 from a sweet friend who just wanted to bless me. God increased my harvest quickly and it came through a totally unexpected source. Immediately, I called my friend to thank her. God will bless her back for the generosity she bestowed on me, just like it says in Luke 6:38.

The Lord is delighted when we give Him thanks and praise. Our testimony stories are living-proof that God heals; that He provides; that He protects; that He delivers; that He gives wisdom. And for those of us that are born-again; that He gives eternal life in heaven with Him. Hallelujah, thank You You Lord for all His wondrous works – too many to count!

God is good all the time. Daily we have opportunities to give thanks and proclaim His wondrous works. How about you? Have you a testimony to share on what God has done, or doing in your life. I would love to hear from you. What you share will give hope and encouragement to others, and what a blessing that would be.

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