Believers Will Do Greater Works Than Jesus

If asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?” My response would be, “Yes,” because I do believe in Him. What does John 14:12 say? Believers will do the same works as Jesus, and to a greater degree. If Jesus said it, I know it is true. So how can believers fulfill this commission? We can start … Read more

Serenity Prayer

Who wrote the Serenity Prayer? His name is Richard Neisbuhr. He wrote the prayer over 80 years ago. Little did he know; his short prayer would go around the world, and help countless of people. I became familiar with the Serenity Prayer while attending Al-Anon. A family member had a drinking problem and I needed … Read more

What Psalm 50:23 Reveals About God

Sometime ago I came across Psalm 50:23 and I pondered its meaning. My Bible of choice is the Modern English Version. The verse reads as follows: “Whoever sacrifices a thank offering glories Me and makes a way; I will show him the salvation of God.” It pleases God when we meditate on His Word. The … Read more

The Roman Road Salvation Message

I was amazed upon listening to a teaching titled The Roman Road. This teaching provides a practical way to share the good news of the gospel. Wonderful tool for those who want to share the salvation message but are unsure of how to go about it. The Roman Road gives scripture verses that lay out … Read more

Tithing With An Attitude Of Gratitude

I’m an avid YouTube watcher. I love watching podcasts that encourage me how to be a good steward of my finances.  Frugal Money Saver, is one of my favorites. The program encourages viewers to live within their means, and gives tips and ways on how it can be done. Viewers are also encouraged to be … Read more

Older Women Are Instructed To Teach The Younger Women

It’s amazing what one will find within the pages of the Bible. Titus 2, verses 3-5, gives instructions on what older women are to teach to younger women. I’m an older Christian woman, these verses are speaking to me. I chose the New Century Version translation. Let’s read what it says:    In the same … Read more

God’s Divine Purpose For Our Money

Did you know there’s over 2000 Scripture verses in the Bible pertaining to money? Why would be that be so? I believe God wants us to have a good understanding of money and what we’re to do with it. He’s given us a blueprint on how to build a rock-solid foundation regarding money. He has … Read more

Do Not Judge

The topic of judgement has been on my mind for some time. And it pertains to me. Here is the truth of the matter. I’m looking at the young people with an older set of eyes. I see things differently now than when I was young. I know the consequences of making poor decisions. I’m … Read more

The Word Of God Holds True

Daily Bible reading is very important to me. I prefer to do my reading early in the morning before the busyness of the day sets in. I’m blessed to have a Kenneth Copeland Word of Faith Study Bible. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and knowledge given by Brother Copeland throughout the Bible. Recently, I came … Read more