MIDEAST BEAST – The Scriptural Case For An Islamic AntiChrist

Before I read a book, I often read comments left by those whom already read it. For Mideast Beast, the majority of comments were positive. Over the past year, I’ve listened to several end-time teachings by Joel Richardson and learned a great deal. I expected the same results from reading his book and I was not disappointed.

A  Conclusion is provided at the end of the chapters which is beneficial. I found the book fascinating, considering what is currently happening in the Middle East and around the world. Yes; this book not only opened my eyes, but my mind and my heart on what will come to pass in the days to come.

I’m amazed by how what I learned from this book. I appreciate that Joel Richardson shares the views of several scholars and points out how they differ from his own. The book of Daniel in the Bible makes more sense after reading the chapters devoted to it in Mideast Beast.

The chapters pertaining to Ezekiel 38-39 – GOG OF MAGOG were done in three parts.  Charts provided demonstrate the parallels between verses in Ezekiel 39 and Revelation 19. There’s a lot of details in the book I’ll probably not fully absorb but that’s okay. My purpose for reading the book was fulfilled; to learn more about the Anti-Christ.    

Joel Richardson also breaks down the various theories regarding Psalm 83. .He is courteous of the opinions of others that differ from his own. He backs up what he believes by including maps and charts. Readers can see for themselves where the nations depicted in Psalm 83 are located today and why the view held by Joel is possible.

Towards the end of Chapter 17 are passages of Scripture from Judges 8: 25-26. I’ve read these passages several times, yet missed that the “ornaments of these Ishmalites and their camels (verse 21) were shaped like crescent moons.” Today; we know the crescent-moon is a symbol of Islam, and seen on their flags, and many temples. And that Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations.

Chapter 18 titled Loving Muslims, emphasizes why Muslims are not to be feared or hated. God loves them too. Readers are reminded that the conflict between Muslims, Jews and Christians began in the book of Genesis after Ishmael is born to Hagar and Abram. The chapter enlightens readers about Ishmael, his descendants, and when Islam came into existence.

For many years I heard that the Anti-Christ would come from Rome and I simply believed it.  Joel Richardson spent years studying end-time events and knows this subject well. After reading Mideast Beast, I’m convinced that an Islamic Antichrist will come to power at the allotted time. The Bible is clear, the Anti-Christ will come but does not give an exact time frame. He is a deceiver, best to be aware about him and his ways before he comes on the scene.

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