The Gift of Encouragement

We are living in trying times with people facing all kinds of challenges and trials. Christians are not exempt in their struggles to get through each day.

In Romans 12:6-8, encouragement is one particular gift someone may be blessed to have, and they are to use it to encourage others. Yet, that one gift can be applied in all the others. Let me explain why.

The person who gives a prophecy to someone, may give hope and encouragement to that individual. The person who serves does it unto the Lord, so their efforts provides encouragement in whatever means they are serving. The person who teaches has the opportunity to uplift and encourage others by sharing their wisdom and knowledge. Those with the gift of giving provide encouragement when fulfilling a need, regardless of what it may be. The person with the gift of leadership has the potential to encourage  others to excel and do their best. Mercy is listed last, those with this gift have compassion, and are often good listeners. They offer encouragement by letting others know someone cares about what they are going through. 

 I pray from reading Romans 12:6-8, you identify what gift or gifts the Lord has blessed you with, and those He has bestowed on others.  Be thankful if you belong to a church filled with people that have these gifts, and a pastor whom encourages and enables people to use and operate in their gifts.

I pray you are encouraged to use your gifts to the best of your ability. Be a beacon of light in someone’s darkness.

Thank you Lord for the various spiritual gift people possess.  I thank you for the gifts You have given me. I pray they will be used to encourage others. And I thank you, Lord, that others use their gifts to encourage me.

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    • Yes, You have the gift of being an Evangelist, and people are encouraged when you preach. The Bible says a man’s gift will make room for him. And we know God’s Word is true.


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