The Privilege of Persecution (And Other Things the Global Church Knows That We Don’t)

When I’m reading a book, I try to finish it before starting another one. I came across, The Privilege of Persecution, and planned to read it at a late date. Instead of putting it away, I opened it up. After reading the Forward, Opening Words about the Global Church, and the Introduction, I was completely hooked. This book has transformed by thinking about the global church and those being persecuted around the world. How different we view things here in the west, meaning North America. Our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe are being persecuted for their faith in ways beyond our comprehension.

This book has shown me that I have taken my freedom to serve God for granted, I understand why the book is aptly titled: The Privilege of Persecution. I have greater respect for my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world whom daily take up their cross and follow Him, regardless of the cost. And for many, it costs them everything, including their lives!

The book is broken down into six chapters: God and His Word; Worship and the Church; Prayer and Dependence; Community, Culture, and Evangelism; Leadership, Authority, and Power; Generosity and Stewardship.

This book has given me much food for thought. Jesus told us in His Word that we would be persecuted for following Him. The western churches have much to learn from the persecuted churches throughout the world. I ask the question: How will we fare when the persecutions faced by them comes our way? Are we truly ready and prepared to take a stand for our faith, regardless of the costs?

The book has served its purpose. The authors have given me a greater understanding about persecution and why it’s considered a privilege, and informing me about many things global churches are aware of, that we here in the west are not. I thank the Lord for putting this book in my path. I highly recommend this book and encourage you to read it for yourself.

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