The Dead-End Road Devotional

It is evident from reading Bill Fix’s book that he has genuine love for God; his family; and people. It’s understandable why he is the People Pastor.

The Introduction for his devotional filled my heart with joy. Bill Fix grew up with a dad whom generously gave of his time, and taught him simple truths and principles about life. The devotional reflects how their relationship impacted his life, even to this day.

Bill Fix is a gifted story teller and writer. I’ve read many devotionals; this one is unique for me. None of the others took me on a fishing excursion which turned out to be quite an adventure. The whole book is a delightful read. Bill Fix is so appreciative of what his father taught him. Not only about fishing but life in general. Godly wisdom is found within the pages of this book.

I agree with the opening line in Chapter 1:“God is the giver of eternal hope. Once you receive it, you will be forever changed.” Bill Fix has had his share of dead-end road experiences in life. Yet he managed to succeed. How? By putting his faith and trust in God, and he encourages his readers to do the same. With God leading, the journey may not always be easy, but it will be fruitful. 

Each chapter ends with a heart-felt prayer and a series of questions. One of the questions asked is, “When you breathe your final breath, what legacy do you think you will leave behind?” I’ve given this question serious thought. As a born-again believer, and a daughter of the Most High God, I pray people have lots of great things to say about me after I’m gone.

Lives will be greatly enriched by applying the simple truths and principles given in this book. Changes in life are inevitable. We have a choice, transition or be left behind. Bill Fix reminds his readers. God’s positioning system (GPS) is always at work. Trust God, and follow His lead. He will never lead anyone astray.  

This devotional reminds readers that God’s blessings are everywhere. He provides sights and sounds to delight us on a daily basis. And not to forget the extras He provides to enhance our mission and purpose in life. Hallelujah!

Bill Fix says, “The key to life is to understand yourself, know people, and treat everyone as they would like to be treated.” I agree; and only with God’s help is this truly possible.

One chapter is titled, Responding to Difficulties. Yes, living a joy-filled Christian life doesn’t mean life will be problem free and without difficulties. Readers are encouraged  to remember that obstacles in life are temporary; to remain hopeful no matter what happens. God can use those times for good, and only He can do.

The author draws attention to the lure of “Big”. How bigger doesn’t necessarily mean belter. And how the lure of curiosity can lead one down the wrong path. Give thanks to God as He comes to the rescue, and provides opportunities to tell others about Jesus and His saving grace.

The last chapter speaks of the desire to stay on the mountain top. The times when things are going great, we’re feeling God’s presence, and getting spiritually filled up. Yet; we know we can’t stay there. We have to come down and continue on the journey in life that God has planned for us. We have this assurance, God is with us on the mountain top and in the valleys of our lives. And He promises to never leave us, ever!

I believe this book would greatly bless fathers whom never had a good role model in their lives. Bill Fix shares what he learned from his dad so others can become great dads too. When you know better, you do better.

This book would be an excellent choice for a small-group Bible study. The ten chapters are short with loads of discussion questions, giving everyone ample opportunity to participate as they share how God worked in and through their own lives.

Thank you Bill Fix for giving me a copy of The Dead-End Road Devotional to read and review. The simple truths and principles I’ve learned will last me a lifetime.  

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