The Dead-End Road Devotional

It is evident from reading Bill Fix’s book that he has genuine love for God; his family; and people. It’s understandable why he is the People Pastor. The Introduction for his devotional filled my heart with joy. Bill Fix grew up with a dad whom generously gave of his time, and taught him simple truths … Read more

The Way Of Letting Go – One Woman’s Walk toward Forgiveness

Before my retirement in 2012; I worked in Victim Services. At a Restorative Justice Symposium, I had the privilege to personally hear Wilma Derksen speak. When I came across her book, the titled intrigued me, as did the caption on the back cover: Your Guide Through The Complicated Journey To Forgiveness. The book was released … Read more

God’s Divine Purpose For Our Money

Did you know there’s over 2000 Scripture verses in the Bible pertaining to money? Why would be that be so? I believe God wants us to have a good understanding of money and what we’re to do with it. He’s given us a blueprint on how to build a rock-solid foundation regarding money. He has … Read more

Do Not Judge

The topic of judgement has been on my mind for some time. And it pertains to me. Here is the truth of the matter. I’m looking at the young people with an older set of eyes. I see things differently now than when I was young. I know the consequences of making poor decisions. I’m … Read more

The Word Of God Holds True

Daily Bible reading is very important to me. I prefer to do my reading early in the morning before the busyness of the day sets in. I’m blessed to have a Kenneth Copeland Word of Faith Study Bible. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and knowledge given by Brother Copeland throughout the Bible. Recently, I came … Read more

The Privilege of Persecution (And Other Things the Global Church Knows That We Don’t)

When I’m reading a book, I try to finish it before starting another one. I came across, The Privilege of Persecution, and planned to read it at a late date. Instead of putting it away, I opened it up. After reading the Forward, Opening Words about the Global Church, and the Introduction, I was completely … Read more

God Blesses Those Who Help The Poor

There’s lots of scripture verses regarding the poor. I love quotes too, and this one resonated with me. It speaks for itself: “You will always have the poor with you, and you can help them anytime you want.” Jesus Christ It is so true isn’t it? Whether we live in a big city or a … Read more

Sex Matters

One morning a girl in her late teens asked me, “Why wait until marriage to have sex?” After I answered her question, I realized it was time for me to read, Sex Matters, by Jonathan McKee. Had I read this book when I first purchased it, I could have given her more truths on the benefits in waiting for marriage to have sex.

Chapter one provides the answer both scientifically and biblical the benefits of waiting for marriage to have sex. Some of what is included I had not considered, but is perfectly logical. We are never too old to learn, as this book is clearly showing me.

Sex is not as easy topic to discuss with your children. Parents who read this book first will have a better understanding on how to approach the topic. Chapter 2 is titled; How Far? The author does an excellent job is answering the question, How Far Can We Go? He explains how sex is a process, and how it can escalate very rapidly. To remain pure, the draw of sexual temptation must be avoided at all costs.

Chapter three was titled Fleeing, Yes; it’s all about fleeing and resisting temptation that is spoken of in the Bible. The author gives advice to males and females on how to avoid it; and why they must. This book is written for young adults; but the message on fleeing and resisting temptation applies to Christians of all ages, not just the young people. The discussion questions provided enable the reader to answer for themselves.

Chapter 4’s focus is on the lure of porn and masturbation. The author shares candidly about porn because it’s so prevalent today. It’s everywhere! He gives great advice for those seeking to flee from the grip it has on their lives. He addresses the issue of masturbation too. The question is asked: Is lust involved? Again, there is no condemnation, only sound advice to help those who seek it.

The author has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Chapter 5 – Tough Questions is very insightful. Questions such as: How do I break out of an unhealthy cycle of sexual activity?; What if I don’t get married? Does that mean I will never have sex, ever?; Is it wrong if I’m attracted to someone of the same sex? I appreciate how the author addressed these questions and all the others in the chapter.

In the last segment of the book, Finale The Journey, the author brings together the true reasons God designed sex for the marital relationship. He gives encouragement to those who may believe they messed up. With God, beginning afresh is always possible. In Worth the Wait, he shares the key that will enable couples to remain pure until marriage. A decision, he assures they won’t regret.

I highly recommend Sex Matters by Jonathan McKee. As I read this book I thought about my own youth, and how a book like this one could have helped me make better decisions. Perhaps God is giving me an opportunity to help someone else make better choices for themselves!

Christians Have A Citizenship In Heaven

My husband recently got news that his sister, Corinne, passed away in her sleep. She was 77 and battling pneumonia but was expected to recover.  Yet she died suddenly. Corinne is now a citizen of heaven, and has relocated to her heavenly home. Praise the Lord! The Bible tells us that we all have an … Read more

The POWER Of PRAYER And FASTING – 10 Secrets of Spiritual Strength

I believe in the power of prayer and fasting. This book is one of three that I have in my Faith Library on the topic. Ronnie W. Floyd’s book came out in 1997, but again it’s Bible-based so it’s timeless. What insights I’ve gained in reading this book. God is showing me what He will … Read more